Thunder Turtle

This is where it all started. Thunder Turtle. It isn’t her given name but its a good name for her.
The one who we do all this for. She has also acclaimed the name of “Ladybug” which many know her by.
She is a stealer of your very heart.

She was born in 2003. We had planned the pregnancy but not what happened once she was born. Not what she went through and certainly not what our family has gone through.

Let me tell you our lives were changed. Really rocked and changed. We were also left alone by friends, family and many who knew our family. Even the church.
We went through HELL. It is not to say it is much different now but we have learned to adapt. We have also come a long ways with our ” Ladybug”.1.06 to 7.06 072She has worked hard. We all have. I would do it all again.
In 2004 Feb. Ladybug started having some issues with her entire little body starting to swell. Jaundice. Seizures. This all happened after her 4 month vaccines.
I observed her. I knew something was wrong. I documented by writing a journal, taking photos, and filming video.
You just know when something is wrong with your children. Especially mothers. You know.
It was like a car. She would do all these things at home, I would dress her, take her to the Pediatricians office, and nothing.
This is why I started documenting like I did. I’m so thankful I did this otherwise we would be like many families who their children are having reactions or very sick and they have no idea what is wrong.
If you think for a minute a Pediatrician will tell you that your child has had a vaccine reaction. You should be thankful for them if they do. Otherwise it could be like our Pediatrician who thought we were going to sue her and dumped our child like a hot potato and said she didn’t know what to think. I believe she did. I lost all respect for her. The Dr. who owned the clinic prayed for our baby in ER. He knew. They all knew.
Dr.s are suppose to do everything within their power and education to maintain life and a quality of life.
By now 2014, April my little girl at almost 5 months of age looked like the Goodyear man on TV. Her skin was grey. She had a lot of serious issues. We didn’t know if she would even live.

You can read more about “Ladybugs” story here :

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