The last sticks and bricks…. Arkansas

West End 

  When our daughter who was injured was born we were remodeling ( well more like renovating) an old farmhouse.  It was really our dream home. We both loved the old farmhouse look and it had a huge front porch and a lot of big trees and a huge yard in the middle of town. It was really great.

We helped to care for a lot of kids in this house. We had up to 8 kids all different ages and sizes at one point.

We learned about how to rebuild a house. We learned what significant termite damage is. We also learned what is like to be so very close to having your own child, flesh and blood to be so close to dying. It is not something that I want to ever remember. Knowing that each of us are never promised tomorrow. God gives us breath and God can take away that same breath. We are guaranteed nothing.

We bought a hybrid travel trailer because I was very pregnant and we liked camping. Well truly I like Glamping. Ive gone tent camping – seriously I do better in a travel trailer and Im actually happy camping in a class A. LOL.  I really do.  The last time I went camping we had tornadoes almost got blown away and I spilled water in the tent ( I have to have a water bottle at night ) Im sure my husband thought I peed in the tent. I did not though I spilled my water bottle and blamed it on the storm. Needless to say we ended up sleeping in the back of the Ford Explorer.

We had a lot of fun in that hybrid though it was not a pop up but it was a keystone light I think it what it was and it popped out on both ends. We took foster kids with us and we were crammed in that little thing but we had fun. We bought toys, horseshoes, a small basket ball goal and coloring books to take a long on our camping weekends.

It also came in handy when I was about 38 weeks pregnant and decided to paint the playroom floor upstairs and finish the rest of my painting in the living room and dining room. The next thing I know I couldn’t sleep. At about 3 am Im asking my husband to take me to the emergency room that I am going into labor. The next day we have our baby girl.

Its a good thing that we had that travel trailer because its where we slept for several days in the driveway while the paint on the floors cured.

Over the next several months our lives would dramatically change. We would be fighting for the life of our child. We ended up selling the travel trailer but in the back of our minds we wish we hadn’t sold it. We spent the next 8 years several times per month driving to several surrounding states to find out what was wrong with our daughter.

She was having multiple types of seizures, massive seizures, hundreds of them. Failure to thrive, developmental delays, eye extropia.  It seemed every intervention the Dr.s, Pediatricians were doing was making her worse. We really at several points thought will this baby make it?

Devastated, hurt, scared and alone.

No friends. Not a lot of family. She was hospitalized multiple times. Our oldest daughter at the time. Just 3 years old.  Read more about her story here at and here

At the time we thought it would be best to maybe build a home and move closer to one of the better hospitals. We felt angry and a lack of trust for the hospital where she was born. The Pediatricians there lied to us. They led us along knowing well that our daughter had a serious life threatening reaction to her immunizations.

We decided to sell the travel trailer. We had no idea what was ahead for our family.  We were almost debt free. We had planned to pay off our home in 15 years. Now what? This clearly would not happen.

Our church we were pastoring. We had planted the church from a church that was closing the doors. Church was doing well, everything paid off.

Then this happened.  God gave us 2 congregations to bring together. We signed the church over to those congregations. We still had home church. Which I really enjoy.

It was too much traveling with a child having seizures, school , work and trying to live day to day. We bought a house in Fayetteville our by Lake Weddington.

Timeless Drive

Timeless was a brand new home. We had it built from foundation up.  A nice corner lot. We didn’t feel like we were progressing enough with our daughter. We started trying alternative diets and meal plans. We tried different medications based on different specialists. What we were really doing is spending a lot of insurance on all the Dr.s and Specialists asking us – “Do you think it could have been her vaccine?” I shudder and want to vomit everytime I hear this or even think it.

If I could show you video of my little girl you would never go near a vaccine again. No –

People are not born with a predisposition to be allergic to things. Your immune system reacts to something foreign, synthetic that it doesn’t respond well to. I had no idea that this was killing infants and children even adults. My God I thought I was doing the right thing for my children. NO.

It really just became we had no family or friends to help. The cost of travel and trying to find out what was wrong with our daughter exceeded what we could pay. Do we give up? No.

Our house was going into foreclosure on more than one occasion. We couldn’t pay our bills. This injury put our family so far in debt we couldn’t live.

I had called attorneys before selling our last house. I filed a VAERS report. We decided to fight for our little girl and thats what I did is fight. I had no insight, I had no reassurance, I had no help.

Moving forward.

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