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Do you hate me because I disagree with you?

Do you call me a biggot because I disagree with you?

I have been watching the things of this world for some time now and it really saddens me to know that our society has fallen so far from God.  It’s no wonder we are a confused, depressed, and angry population.

It saddens me to know that if I disagree with someone about “my beliefs” I am called a biggot.

I still have a right to my belief. I don’t even have to leave me house – you call me on the phone and attack me.  What is wrong with this picture. How do we determine who has a right to their beliefs and who doesn’t?

I don’t believe that anyone has a right to force anyone to do anything against their beliefs. Since when do people start planning a hate agenda because someone thinks or believes differently?

In my situation jealousy, envy and coveting has been the root of the hate and hostility toward me.

I have chosen to believe what I believe because of what I have gone through, research, and how I choose to live my life.

I am not rich. I don’t own anything except a few clothes. I choose not to live of this world but right now I am in it. I serve a loving God whom I choose to follow His ways not distorted of this world.

Do not cast your anger and hate toward me. I have a family that I love and am dedicated to and have been since I married my husband and even God is above them.

It really burdens my heart to see people speak to others and treat others out of hate and spite. It is cruelty.

If you do not believe in the same God I do. That is okay it is your belief. If you do not choose to live your life the way I do, that is okay.

I don’t care what you do it is your choice but please my family has enough on our plate and no resources or family to help with it. Please just leave us out of it.

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