Here we go….

Another Chapter

Another Song

Another Dance


Thank you Arkansas – my home state for being so kind for all the kind and wonderful people who are here.


Spring 2016 Conway Arkansas

Well it’s almost time to leave and say goodbye.  It has really been an interesting trip.

Fun it really hasn’t been.  It has been heart breaking in a lot of ways.  I guess everyone has their way of saying goodbye.  I had to deal with many things on this trip and to say that it hasn’t been emotional would certainly be a lie.



Mossville Cemetery September 7, 2016 By my dads headstone where his soul lays sleeping.


September 2016 She is letting all the ladybugs fly…..

It is time however to move on.  God is so good.  He is good if you let Him into your life and be good to you.  He needs to be your everything. Those things that we think are from the dark if you have God – we are just like the flowers asleep over the winter time. When the Spring sun hits the flowers and it starts to warm the flowers open with life.


Well I still have a lot to do. We have been getting Beachnest ready for this day ( to leave that is ). Its a lot of work.  We have food and water and will check all the systems tonight to get ready to roll this week.

If you are trying to text me or to email me – we don’t really have email or text sometimes because of the cell towers. Please bear with us until we are parked.  I hope to be better at writing on the website this time. If I had done this when we started it would be amazing for you to see the sights we have seen. We have only done the free sights so our funds go mainly for camp sights, food, and fuel.  Occasionally we get a state park pass especially somewhere worthy like South Carolina.


Arkansas Sunset

Until the next time. If you are out on the road hopefully we can see you sometime. If you are along our path out on the road stop by and say Hi.

We are on our way to sunny Florida for Dr. appointments.

I hope to get at least a few pictures while on the way there and then while we are there.

I just really hope it cools off some.

Happy trails everyone


God bless !

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