Fall Cleaning

I hope to be more persistent in writing. I need to make this my “job”.

Intentional writing.

Intentional thought in print.

Its a lifestyle. We cleaned all of our ” tent mess ” up. It was not a tent mess, nor a tent city. Those words still hurtful. Like a bullet for my child my family. It still hurts. Really less than one week. To leave up FUN for one week.


So the stuff is taken down. We move forward. I am guessing that we as full- time medical can’t do the same things as those who are weekend warriors. We have been able to enjoy our neighbors. Really blessed to have some of the neighbors that we do have. Some great families and great kids. We also have grown attached to some of the work-campers here as well. Its nice to have that community while being displaced for a season. We are thankful to all those who have reached out to us.

You can tell that Fall is upon us. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. There is a chill in the air. The leaves are falling and changing colors. Its like the leaves are on fire. Vibrant orange, yellow and browns. They flicker in the wind.


The sweetness of Pumpkin pie and Apple cider blow in the wind. Roasted Marshmallows flickering in the fire. Lightly brown like cane sugar or Burnt like charcoal. Washing it down with that dark chocolate hinted with vanilla bean hot cocoa. Or that Cool crisp green apple cider hinted with cinnamon, allspice and an added hidden Vanilla bean pod scraped full of goodness.

The planning of the Thanksgiving table is upon us. The time for fellowship and being thankful. The time to share a bounty from the summer. Time to see children running, laughing and playing and not having a care of what the adults are sweating in life.

The adults time to sit back and forget about the stress and daily grind of emotions that sit on our hearts like a hotplate turned on high and out of control. The time to share with other women the recipes of holiday goodness. The men sharing their work warrior stories.

Try and forget the disparity of the political harshness upon this season. Its an agenda if you will of something that is worse than the worst musical. One of the the church singer who sings their heart out and things carrying a note means to pick up a quarter note on paper and carry it to their table. We have all been there and know what Im talking about.

Its time to pack it in soon. Indian Summer is right around that corner. One more week or semi week what ever God chooses for our weather. It will be warm, the north wind will come galloping on that cold, white horse and then the sharp contrast of wind, rain and cold is right at his hindquarter.

Ill be sharing some recipes of the Fall. These will be some quick and easy recipes. I hope you enjoy them.


I have been very slow in sharing I’ve had some issues with my photos transferring. Lazy internet connections. You see being medical mobile I have Fall and Spring cleaning. It depends on how many seasons where we stay as to how many many clean – outs and cleanings we have. Yes it seems redundant. But it is necessary for growing and moving forward.

God had a different plan for us this Fall and Winter. We accept what He has for us. We take it as the next step of moving forward, growing more with Him.

Happy Fall

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