Day 3 Yogi Bears Jellystone Park Camp Resort Bremen, Georgia

Our second day we drove through Mississippi, Alabama and into Georgia. ¬†I will say driving this way is a good way to get somewhere. You haven’t seen all the behind the scenes of what it takes to do this.

I made pre-made breakfasts, lunches and dinners for our daughter so all we had to do was heat and eat.

I will also go on record for saying that Birmingham honestly has some of the worst and scariest drivers ever.

We saw an unbelievable number of accidents. The weather was good though in that cloud cover and small showers actually kept our vehicles cooled off.

We saw some scary accidents like on I20 Westbound there was a tractor trailer that had a car who had spun out of control probably due to rain slick highways. The car was up under the truck. I could not find this on the news or anywhere on the internet. People should start questioning why it is so difficult to pull up a major accident.  Especially one that shuts down a Interstate. My prayers go out to all those involved and those who watched the accident unfold in front of them.

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