Celebration of Life

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It is a rather bittersweet time. My husbands birthday is today. I remember his birthday not only because it is the same day as mine but mine is February.

I also remember this day because 13 years ago on April the 7th my daughter Abigaile was not doing so well.

We had some friends over and were doing a Bible study. We were playing music and having a really nice time. Abigaile was 5 months old.

She was in her little bouncy seat with a pacificer and was jumping around a bit to the music. I was glad to see her in such a good mood because just a couple of days before I had taken her for her well-baby visit. At that visit she had her immunizations.

She had been crying and not in the best mood she also wasn’t sleeping well.

I attributed this to getting her shots and felt in a couple of days with motrin or infant Tylenol it should go away.

While I was playing on the piano I heard this strange noise. I asked my husband to check on her on the sofa she was just a few feet away.

When he looked at her she was stiff and rocking back and forth and making a gurgling sound. Initially we thought maybe she got choked on her pacifier. We looked and the pacifier was intact. We looked around to see what she could have gotten choked on and couldnt find anything. She was gurgling even more. Her skin started turning grey. Then she turned blue. I had her on my left arm doing CPR and had the phone in my right hand calling (9-1-1) the EMS came and she was fine. We decided to take her to the hospital anyways to make sure she was okay.

Of course when we got to the hospital she was fine.

Oh my goodness, what just happened?

I started charting everything that she did, the things she wasnt doing.

Two days later the same episode played over again and her eyes started darting. Again, she went by ambulance after stopping breathing.  This time the ER Dr. that was on call asked if he could pray for her.  He was the clinic owner of where our Pediatrician was at. He knew Abigaile was serious. We had the gamut of labs, then straight to the Trauma room.

Our Abigaile wasn’t there, she was out of it. She had her eyes open. Her eyes darting back and forth. Her little body rigid. They did nothing. They observed her. The next ER Dr. came in. He shook his head and said there is nothing that can be done right now. He left the room.

We said that we put our trust, our faith and everything we had in God. We dropped to our knees in the middle of that dirty ER Trauma room floor. Im sure we were sobbing. Our oldest daughter 5 at the time started running a temperature when we checked it, her temperature was 104.F.

We kept praying.   Eventually the ER nurse on duty came in and said they would be admitting our daughter. That she was having seizures.

A few hours later we were assigned a private room. We called every pastor and member of every church that we knew. We called missionaries we called every one and asked them for their prayers over our little girl. We were heartbroken. We really didnt know what to do. We just knew we needed to pray.

Our little Abigaile her body was swollen. She didn’t really seem to come out of the seizure. They gave her Phenobarbitol by IV and it made her worse. More seizures. Uncontrollable seizures.

We were discharged 2 days later.  We had orders to continue the Phenobarbitol that wasn’t working as well as a couple of other meds I don’t remember.

Our orders included from her Pediatrician were to be admitted to Arkansas Childrens Hospital.  With our daughter in a constant seizure pattern we know realize they should have air-lifted her. God was protecting her.

This was back in the day when the constant road work was being done on the I40 Interstate between Alma and Little Rock. We drove from Northwest Arkansas over the mountain the only place where the John Paul Hammerschmidt Highwas was complete.

We got to I40 and this was after my husband had worked all day so then we ate dinner and I drove it seemed all night. I mapped on the Rand Mcnally ( we didn’t have GPS then) the little hospitals along the way. They may as well have been nursing homes. I thought if we got stuck and our daughter was not well I would stop at the hospitals and at least they could air lift her to childrens.

It took almost 4 hours because of construction. We got a hotel that night and then the next morning went to our visit with Dr. Lange at Arkansas Childrens. She saw our little girl, held her and then had the Geneticist to look at her. She ordered an MRI and had her admitted. They took her vitals, weight and height. They were astonished at the size of her head.

We went through multiple tests. She even had a spinal that I was told to leave the room.

She was admitted to ICU and they sedated her brain to stop her seizing.  She was sedated for over three days when they concluded she was able to come out of sedation and was put on a different seizure medication called Topomax. A day later she was discharged. While we were driving back to the hotel she got choked on a teething ring. We stopped at another hotel and called 9-1-1.  By the time the EMS got there it was already dislodged and she spit out the bloody piece that had choked her. We thought initially she was having another seizure but instead she was choking.

One day I will write a book about this little girl of ours. She is a truly a miracle from God.

The Dr.s said that she would never walk, she would never talk, and she would likely be in a “vegetative state”.

One thing I can say about Abigaile is she loves everyone, she loves everything and she even loves her “vegetables”. ( cheeky grin)

Doing Physiotherapy

I am thankful my husband has another year has been blessed by God. Im thankful my Abigaile has lived another year that has been blessed by God.

She still has a very long way to go but I am certain that God has brought us this far and I know that God says He will never leave us or forsake us.

I take God at His Word.

God bless you all thank you for your prayers.

Paris ( mommy of Abigaile ) xoxoxo


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