About our family and the BeachNest

Hi! I’m Paris from the BeachNest. Thanks for stopping by.

Our little family of four purchased the BeachNest for our part time home to rehabilitate our daughter. Our daughter at age 5 months had a life threatening reaction after receiving her vaccines. 

The BeachNest was purchased to be able to travel with our daughter to and from therapy and treatments.

The BeachNest is a 2000LX Bluebird Wanderlodge WB.  It is sturdy like a tank. Here are some specs courtesy of the Vintagebirds chapter of the 2000 Wanderlodge. http://www.vintagebirds.com/2000.htm

We purchased the Bluebird for our family so that we didn’t have to stay in hotels and vacation rentals. This is to be able to control her environment due the multiple allergies . It is also to budget our expenses and not have to worry with not being able to find a hotel or vacation rental in the middle of season.

It has been a huge blessing to be able to have all of her belongings with us. We can better control her environment where it is a safer environment for her. It has been less stressful for her as well. She sees her toys. She is able to play in the floor. It is easier to keep her toys and school for her.

The best part for our daughter is the people. She never meets a stranger. We love walking and she rides in her wagon. She greets all the campers, young and old. You can hear her saying “Hi” no matter where she goes.

If you see our Big blue bus we have a Wanderlodge book that we keep in the drivers window. Please stop by and say “hi” to us.

Please pardon our website as we are rebuilding it. I want to be able to share all of our adventure of rehabilitation from the roads traveled.

Thank you for reading,

God bless,

Paris@The Beach Nest