Where to begin


It is because of the love for this little girl and wanting to see her well – that we have this bus. I call it a bus because of the mechanics. Not the appearance. You can call it an RV, bus, Coach, Motor coach. It has really been a huge piece of the puzzle to get her well. Glory be to God. Not us, not the Doctors, not anyone- just glory to God.

Where to begin? It seems like such a harmless phrase. It can lead to so many places. I have tried to create this story so many times.

It is a story that I would rather forget sometimes but I can’t.

It won’t be forgotten because God allowed it to happen. Why did it happen? I don’t know. Was it something that I did wrong as a mommy? No. Was it something that my husband did wrong? Our daughter? No.

You see we have our Bluebird Wanderlodge not as a recreational vehicle but as a medical necessity. I know you must be shaking your head at this. I’m going to tell you why this is true.

I hope to be able to post some pictures of our family but honestly if you have ever heard the saying that “if it weren’t for bad luck I would have no luck at all?” This is really the story of my life. Not really, I don’t believe in any such thing as luck but this is how things have happened. When you can’t think or say that will never happen to me. Don’t say that. Seriously.

Here are some random pictures of who we are:
You see one of the two Princesses above. She was injured at just a young 5 months of age by a severe adverse reaction to a vaccine.

The Princess also is our oldest.

Then you have the dad: His job has been support. His job is trying to pick up pieces of other crap that just doesn’t get done. Its a random type of responsibility because caring for a child with special needs much less one that was a severe injury it unfortunately ends with a lot of crap. This is a picture of dad with “Ladybug ” walking with canes. This is at the hotel. We spent 6 months at this hotel to finish up her last sequence of Physiotherapy. This would be our last few months in California due to a lack of employment and funds.

Then there is me. I have a job description. It just feels like it never ends. I have many jobs. I wish sometimes that it were just easy that I could wake up, homeschool and go on like so called “normal looking people with a normal routine”.
Please trust me when I say that “this is NOT NORMAL”.

We do the best we can. We believe that God is the great Physician and that we are going to do everything we can so that this little girl can give back to so many people. She is an incredible gift. Her sister is an incredible gift that is beyond words or recognition.
Please stay tuned for the next post- Our Story.